Varberg, Sweden.



PinePace is a Swedish company specializing in the transportation of all types of wood from the Swedish forests . With a strong commitment to excellence, we are determined to fulfill your requests. Our reliable services, combined with our industry knowledge and dedication to customer satisfaction, make us the preferred choice for timber transportation solutions….

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Environmentally Conscious & Sustainable Transport


As a Swedish company, we pride ourselves on sourcing exquisite wood and timber directly from our nation’s rich forests. With a deep respect for our natural heritage, we ensure responsible and sustainable practices, delivering premium materials that showcase the inherent beauty of Swedish craftsmanship.


At Pinepace, we are deeply passionate about preserving the natural beauty of forests, a passion that is directly reflected in the superior timber we utilize. This exquisite material is sourced directly from Swedish sawmills. We are proud to acknowledge that every piece of timber we use has been grown in Sweden’s forests.


We bridge the gap between Swedish timber supply and global demand. Recognizing the renowned quality of Swedish timber, we have positioned ourselves as a key intermediary, connecting sawmills across Sweden with businesses around the world.Our mission is to streamline the timber transportation.


At Pinepace, we strive to create a seamless journey from forest to end-user. Our journey begins in the tranquil Swedish forests, where each tree is carefully selected with sustainability and quality in mind. Through our close partnership with Swedish sawmills, these trees are transformed into high-quality timber products.

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