Varberg, Sweden.


At Pinepace, we bridge the gap between Swedish timber supply and global demand. Recognizing the renowned quality of Swedish timber, we have positioned ourselves as a key intermediary, connecting sawmills across Sweden with businesses around the world.

Our mission is to streamline the timber transportation process, ensuring that quality Swedish timber reaches markets where there is a strong demand. We work closely with sawmill companies within Sweden, understanding their specific needs, quality, and production capabilities. Through our network and expertise in logistics, we manage the transportation, taking the burden off both the producers and buyers.

Our focus is on efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. We employ cutting-edge technology and strategic planning to ensure that the transportation process is as seamless and environmentally friendly as possible. By handling all aspects of transport, including documentation, shipping, and customs clearance, we offer a complete solution that adds value to both suppliers and purchasers of Swedish timber.