Varberg, Sweden.


At Pinepace, our journey begins with a meticulous selection of the right sawmill partners. Our commitment to quality Swedish timber requires a careful assessment of the sawmills we choose to collaborate with. Here’s an insight into our comprehensive process from sourcing to final delivery:

  1. Identifying the Right Partner: We thoroughly evaluate sawmills, considering factors such as sustainability practices, timber quality, and production capabilities. We form partnerships only with those that meet our stringent criteria.

  2. Understanding the Client’s Needs: Our international clients’ requirements are diverse. We take the time to understand their specific needs, including the type of timber, quantity, and desired delivery time.

  3. Matching Supply with Demand: Once we identify the client’s needs, we align them with the suitable sawmill’s offerings. This alignment ensures a perfect match between what’s produced and what’s needed.

  4. Logistical Planning: Our logistical experts then strategize the most efficient transport route, keeping in mind the environmental impact, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivery.

  5. Handling Documentation: From export permits to customs documentation, we manage all the paperwork required for international shipping. This comprehensive service simplifies the process for both the sawmill and the client.

  6. Monitoring the Shipment: From the moment the timber leaves the sawmill to its arrival at the destination, we monitor the shipment closely. We keep all parties informed of the progress and handle any unexpected challenges that may arise.

  7. Final Delivery & After-Sale Support: Upon arrival, we ensure the timber is received in perfect condition. Our relationship with the client doesn’t end with the delivery; we provide ongoing support and stand ready to assist with future orders.

The Pinepace process is designed to create a seamless experience for both our sawmill partners and international clients. By being more than just a middleman, we cultivate relationships and build trust, ensuring that quality Swedish timber reaches the global market efficiently and responsibly. Our commitment to excellence at every stage of this journey sets us apart and makes Pinepace the preferred choice for Swedish timber transportation.